Old Vicarage first day!

By 16th November 2015Uncategorised, year 6

All arrived safely and lots of happy faces!

Children have been jousting and on the zip wire this morning and have been on a 2 mile hike around the local area. Lots of jumping in muddy puddles and tired legs!  We even found a four leaf clover! Joel no longer smells of roses after falling knee first into a fresh cowpat!

Currently playing in the games room getting ready for evening entertainment, let’s hope they’re worn out enough so that we get some sleep tonight (if only!)

Enjoy the pictures, will post more tomorrow!


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  • Jane Treadwell says:

    Glad everyone’s having a good time. Looking good on the zip wire Dan!! Xx

  • Mr and Mrs Sharma says:

    Looks like they are all having good winter fun X

  • Jocelyn Woodcock says:

    Glad you are all having fun! And thanks Joseph for leaving me such a sweet birthday card.

  • Miss Robathan says:

    Looks like you are having a great time, hope you have a peaceful night!!!!

  • Mr. Ray says:

    Looks like you’re having fun guys! Well done to the adult who has blogged successfully, keep the photos coming!

  • Jasmine priest says:

    Looks like you’re having an enjoyable time year 6! It’s quiet here without you Libby -Mai lol and Riley is counting down how many sleeps you have left there each day, you know what he’s like!! Carry on having lots of fun everyone!! Xx

  • Sally Trott says:

    Hello everyone! Looks like your all having loads of fun. Can’t wait to see you on Friday Lib , so you can tell me all your story’s . XxxxxX

  • Joanne Smith says:

    Hi everyone! Looks like you are all having a great time! Have lots of fun Lawson! See you on Friday xxx

  • Tesha Smith says:

    Hello guys it looks fun, hope you all enjoying yourself. Brianna it’s so quite at home without you , missed you loads. xxxx

  • Clare Meredith says:

    Love the photos it looks fabulous! Enjoy every minute and go for it! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures & see more pictures.

    Lots of love & miss you ??xxxxxx

  • Mr and Mrs Rai says:

    Hi everyone it looks like u all having a great time, Cameron missing you loads. Xx

  • Mr and Mrs Rai says:

    Hi everyone it looks like your all having a great time, Cameron missing u loads. Xx

  • Amanda Walton says:

    Hope you’ve all had a fab 2nd day, it looks like you are having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday Caity, even Dan’s missing you a little bit!!

  • Judy Jackson says:

    Great blog, it made me smile and I love the photos. Lookings like everyone is having fun. Can’t wait for Amber to come home and tell me all about her adventures and spill the beans on what the teachers got up to – especially Mrs Tycer!!!

  • Georgi, Sy & Sidney says:

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a super time. Enjoy the rest of your week. Looking forward to seeing more pics x see you Friday x miss you heaps Liam x

  • Emma, Craig & Harriet Tidmarsh says:

    Morning George & Y6, hope you had a great night. George hope you’re feeling 100% better today and making up for your lost day! Can’t wait to see some more pics, we miss you already, take care and have a fab time, love loads, Mom, Dad & Harry xx

  • Emma Gibbons says:

    Nice to see lots of smiley faces on the pictures. The activities look like good fun!!!

    Its very quiet without Harley and his friends running in and out of my house. But we are missing him lots.


  • Sara, Dave and Boys says:

    Hope you are all having a great time. Can wait to see more photos. We all miss you Cory, see you Friday xx

  • Debbie Quigley says:

    Hi Ryan, looks like your having a great time! Can’t wait to hear all about it, love you lots, mom, dad & Liam x p.s. keep the pics coming!

  • Justine, mark and Brogan says:

    Hi All, glad to see you are all having a good time, it’s looks like fun with some great activities! Missing you loads Immy, can’t wait to see u on Friday. Lots of love Mom, Dad and Brogan xx

  • Hariya Dulai says:

    Looks fun. Wish I went.

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