Old Vic days 2 and 3!

By 18th November 2015News, Uncategorised, year 6

Hi everyone sorry there were no posts yesterday evening, hurricane Barney meant we had a power cut and were unable to update. We’ve had an action packed two days: climbing, abseiling, raft building, caving, slippery pole, climbing jacob`s ladder and archery!

Children are having a lovely time and are a little soggy! Some accidently went for a swim yesterday when their journey in their rafts didn’t quite go to plan! We’ve been doing lots of activities that involve team building and even Miss Cross and Miss Brailsford had a go at Jacob’s Ladder, although Miss B was hanging upside down by her boot!!

Enjoy the pictures, will try and update again tomorrow!


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  • Joanne Smith says:

    Fantastic photos, it’s great to see what you are all up to! Looking good Lawson on the climbing wall!

  • Mr and Mrs Sharma says:

    They all seem to be having so much fun thanks very much for sending us a update X

  • Emma ( Kian's mom) says:

    Hi Kian and friends. I can tell your having a great time with all those smiley faces. Missing you lots Kian. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Keep the pics coming and have a great time!

    See you soon

  • Jane Treadwell says:

    Glad to see everyone’s having a good time and your not getting to wet. Looking forward to seeing you Friday Dan xx

  • Jocelyn Woodcock says:

    Great to see the photos. Glad you are all having fun!

  • Jasmine priest says:

    Wow what an action packed couple of days you’ve had! It sounds really fun! We were wondering how you were all getting on with the high winds! Miss you Libby-Mai and can’t wait to hear all about it Friday. Lots of love xxx

  • Stuart Kirk says:

    Nice to see you having fun on Day 1’s photos! Hope you’re not too tired though! You’ve got Boys Brigade Cross Country on Saturday! Oh, and when you’re back, you’ll be pleased to find none of your Xbox stuff. I’ve sold it all as a birthday treat for me next week! Love you, see you tomorrow!

  • Victoria walton says:

    Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy your last night xx Vicky and Eliza xx

  • Mrs While says:

    You seem to all be having a fantastic time – I wish I was enjoying it with you. It will be great to hear about it when you return. Enjoy your last night. Mrs While

  • Judy Jackson says:

    Brillant photos! Great to hear how much fun you are all having. Amber we are all missing you. Ella’s got you an awesome welcome home present. Judging by the photos my washing machine is going to be very busy this weekend! Xxx

  • Riya says:

    Have fun izzy and all the girls

  • Riya says:

    Can’t wait to see u all Tuesday ??????

  • Mrs Petrie says:

    First year in 18 years I haven’t been to the Old Vicarage! It looks how I remember it lots of mud, water, and cold hands and faces but massive fun. Thanks to all the staff who gave up their time to be with you so that you can have so much fun. See you on Monday. You all better be back in school on Monday otherwise BIG TROUBLE. XXX

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