Year 4

Y4 – Safari Park

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We’ve had a fantastic day at the Safari Park.

We started off with our tour around the park looking at all of the different animals, some more friendlier than others. Children had LOTS of questions about how they survive in the park, which ones were herbivores etc. We even saw the new baby rhino which the children were very excited about (as were the adults).

Once we finished lunch, we headed to the penguin area, walked through the smelly bat cave and watched a show with two friendly sea lions.

We finished our day on the rides which was fantastic! We hope children have enjoyed the day as much as the adults did!

Y4 Science YUK!

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This afternoon we were introduced to the digestion system. We looked at how our body is equipped to process the food that we eat. Once we read about each part of the digestion system, we used a pair of tights and a plastic bag to represent parts of our bodies. The end result was DISGUSTING!!!

Y4 Angles work

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Last week we were looking at angles and rotation. Children designed their own map and planned a route using acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. Although the angles in children’s work isn’t accurate, children were able to use their knowledge to estimate the size of the angle, knowing that a right angle is 90 degrees, therefore an angle half the size of a right angle, would be 45 degrees. Well done Y4!