Sports Clubs at Ferndale Spring Term

Club Year Group Day Where its held Time
Football Y2 and Y3 Monday The Studio (Middle building) 3.20-4.15pm
Football Y4, Y5 and Y6 Tuesday The Studio (Middle building) 3.20-4.15pm
Multi Skills Reception and Y1 Wednesday TheStudio (Middle building) 3.20-4.15pm
Multi Skills Y2 and Y3 Thursday The Studio (Middle building) 3.20-4.15pm
Dodgeball Y4, Y5 and Y6 Friday Top Hall 3.20-4.15pm

What are the clubs?

Multi skills is where children take part in a variety of different sports and activities. One week they may learn the skills needed to play cricket, another week it may cover basketball and an assortment of other sports activities.

Gymnastics is a combination of movement and skills based work in the Gym. This is suitable for both boys and girls.

Football is both skills and games based. There is a lot of team work and paired activities involved to improve the children’s understanding of the game. This is suitable for both boys and girls.