The Cove

The Cove is based in the lower main school building, where Mrs Smith, Mrs Morris & Miss Rowley work with children from across the whole school. Ferndale staff share our practice to promote a nurturing environment within their classroom. If they have concerns about a child, we provide resources for them to use in class or if it is required we offer a place in the Cove nurture group. Based on discussions with teachers, support staff and parents we tailor this provision to a child’s individual needs.

Nurture Provision

Ferndale Primary school has been offering nurture provision since 2006.

In February 2012 the nurture group known as The Cove became the 2nd school in Sandwell to achieve the nationally recognised ‘Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award’, with outstanding results.

As part of the schools continuing efforts to help children achieve their full potential, the nurture staff, aim to support each child as an individual.

We support children from key stage 2 in an informal group setting or on a one to one basis.

The Primary Nurture Model is offered to a small group of reception children for three mornings and a small group of key stage 1 children for four afternoons, each week.

On Monday mornings we plan, prepare activities and assess progress. We are also available to meet staff and parents.

Children who do attend nurture provision are assessed regularly using the Boxall Profile to monitor progress, plan programmes of work and set targets.

We meet on a regular basis with teachers to discuss the transition back to class and plan a programme of reintegration to suit each child’s needs.

Parents are encouraged to meet us in the Cove setting to help reduce any anxieties they have about the nurture process, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and see evidence of our work.

Parents have said:

“Just wanted to say thank you, it’s comforting to know there is someone to listen more than anything, and your advice and support has helped me to regain some control. Thank you also for helping me see things from my son’s point of view, it’s so easy to loose sight of that.”

” We just want to thank you for having our son in the Cove; it has had a really positive effect on him. We can see the difference it has made to his confidence at school and we are really pleased with how he’s developed. We are glad the staff picked up on his shyness early and because of your help he’s come of his shell and enjoys going to school. Our son has enjoyed his time with you and will probably be a bit upset it’s coming to an end. Thank you so much its great what you do with the children.”

“I am very impressed with how the Cove has helped my son and can see a massive improvement in him and his behaviour since going there.”