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October 2014


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Reception children have settled in and are coping well with their longer day. They are working really hard with all the teachers and are trying their best in all areas especially Maths, English and Phonics.








The children are becoming more independent at dinner time choosing their own food and are using cutlery with increasing confidence.








During this half term reception classes have had fun playing in the jungle, vets and fruit and vegetable shop.

The children have learnt lots of new things from these areas.

Ask your child:

  • To sort items into fruit and vegetables
  • To talk about the inside of a fruit
  • To talk about where fruit and vegetables grow.
  • To name animals that can be found in the jungle
  • To sort animals into groups, farm or jungle?
  • To talk about about animals we can have as pets
  • To talk about how to care for a pet and what we do if your pet is poorly.








During Disney time they have been learning about themselves by painting self portraits and thinking about correct skin, eyes and hair colours.

We are encouraging the children to become more independent by getting changed for PE and putting their own coats and wellies on.



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Nursery have settled in well and are getting to know their new teachers and friends in Winnie, Tigger and Piglet group.







We are encouraging the children to become more independent by putting their own coats and wellies on.

During this half term we have been busy learning about autumn. We have created autumn trees with 5 leaves, leaf creatures and homes for hedgehogs. As well as this we have been on autumn walks around school.













In nursery we have an autumn conversation table where the children have enjoyed touching autumn objects and chatting to their friends about what they can see and feel.









The children are also excited about taking home a teddy Winnie, Tigger or Piglet for the weekend.







Every day we do daily counting. We talk about the days of the week, the month and we decide what the weather is like.







How can you support my learning at home?

Singing rhymes

  • Wind the bobbin up
  • Days of the week
  • 2 little Dicky birds.

Talk about the weather.

Count things around the home.

Help me learn my colours.


Writing check list

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Please find the sentence check list attached below. We suggest children write about a topic they enjoy. They only need to write a few sentences. Then use the sentence check list below to mark their writing.






Click the image to download

This term in Year 4, we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons! We would like each child to get creative and produce any one of the following-

  • A model relating to the Anglo-Saxons (a house, a village, shield and sword etc)
  • A booklet relating to life in Anglo-Saxon times (you could include information about what they ate, how they dressed etc)
  • A recreation of the Bayeux tapestry! (a painting, some sewing etc)
  • A creative piece of work relating to the Anglo-Saxons (let your imagination go wild!)

We would like these to be brought into school by the Wednesday after half term (5th November)

Here’s a little Anglo-Saxon inspiration to get you started!

Anglo-Saxon House

Anglo-Saxon House

Anglo-Saxon dress

Anglo-Saxon Dress

Anglo-Saxon Coins

Anglo-Saxon Coins

Anglo-Saxon Alphabet

Anglo-Saxon Alphabet

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Last year, children in year 1 grew a variety of plants including giant sunflowers!

This year, we are going to use the seeds from these sunflowers to grow more in the Summer.

Check out the pictures below.