Hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate, we can’t get enough.

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Hot chocolate before bed.

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  • Isabelle's mommy says:

    It’s lovely too see those beautiful happy faces. Hope your having lots of fun together, wish we were there with you. Isabelle, love you bunny, night night xx

  • Ian Chamberlain says:

    Have a lovely time.
    Love you emilia!
    Hope you don’t keep the others up with your snoring!

  • caitlins mom says:

    Lovely to see you and your friends having a goodtime love you lots sweetheart have a goodnight sleep sending kisses to you!!
    Think this page is amazing so reassuring for mommys and daddys!!



  • Mrs Hunter says:

    So happy to see you all smiling. Shaquille we are missing you and Afreya sends you lots of love. We have just had our hot chocolate too.
    Have a good rest ready for an exciting and energetic day tomorrow.
    Love & miss you

    Mummy x

  • Paul Ceney says:

    Lovely to see you Erin, very quiet in the house, even your sister is’nt moaning!See you Friday love Dad xxx

  • Amanda Walton says:

    Lovely photos, glad to see you are all having a lovely time .

    Caitlin wishes she could have a hot chocolate too!

    Night night , sleep tight

    Love you lots
    Caitlin, mommy & daddy xx

  • Becky - Ramiro's Mummy says:

    Hey Ramiro. So nice to see you smiling and enjoying yourself with all your friends. Lovely photos. Daddy says he’s missing you. Me and Isaiah are too. Isaiah’s being asking for Riro. Have lots of fun doing all the activities. Daddy also says remember your little chat lol. Love you lots and lots. Xxx

  • Angelina Dawson says:

    Yummy! I bet you deserve it after all your hard work at Elf training! Love you very much Ben. Hope you all have a good nights sleep X

  • Safia Ali says:

    Hi Lakesha,
    We’re glad you’re having a good time with your friends. Take care and love you lots
    Mummy, Daddy and Ermina. Xxxx

  • Jasmine priest says:

    Hot chocolate! Your favourite keira!!! Love you lots princess, nighty night xxx

  • says:

    Hi guys,

    looks and sounds like you are having a fab time! Really wish we were there enjoying it with you! Dont have too much fun or you
    might not want to come home. Brendy, johnny is keeping your bed warm for you. We are missing you loads already but enjoy your time and we will see you soon. P.s. remember to brush those teeth! A big group hug from mommy, daddy and johnny. Love you xxxx

  • alexs mum hayley says:

    Bet alex wishes it was a cake in a mug like we made the other night it was yummy! Love you loads my lil squishy man xxx x

  • Nicky Snaith says:

    Emily, looks like you’re having lots of fun. Hope you enjoyed your torch walk last night and found Santa’s workshop. Love you lots, from Mommy and Daddy xx

  • Kelly Arblaster says:

    Lovely photos of a great first day.

    Hope you have another great day and lots of fun.

    Hope you all got some sleep and didn’t keep the teachers awake too long!

    Missing you loads Alyssia.
    Love Mommy, Daddy and Olivia x x x

  • Mrs While says:

    On my way to visit you all as you seem to be having such a wonderful time!

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