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We hope your children all had a fab time at Edgmond Hall and made memories that will stay with them for a long time.

The staff thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your children (maybe excluded the first restless night!) and were all impressed with how independent children were.

We thought it would be lovely if children left a comment on this post, thanking The Edgmond staff, writing about their favourite part of the experience. This will then be shared with the centre.

Once all the washing and bathing is complete, we hope you all have a great Christmas! See you all in the new year.

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    Thank you to all the staff at Edgmond Hall for letting me come and stay. I had a lovely time, I loved the animals, Father Christmas and the hot chocolate and biscuits.
    Thank you to all the teachers and staff that took me there and looked after me.
    And thank you to my best friend Alyssia for looking after me.
    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

    Love from

    Lily xxxxxx

  • caitlins mom says:

    Thank you for taking me I enjoyed feeding the animals they were pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits. I liked seeing santa and elf training too.
    Sorry i was naty at bedtime
    I have had a bath now iam nice and clean
    I wish you a merry Christmas.

    Caitlins mom and dad would like to say a massive thank you for all your hard work hope you all get a good nights sleep merry xmas to you all x

  • Mrs Hunter says:

    I liked feeding the pigs because they were smelly.
    The rabbits were soft and cuddly. Sometimes the
    rabbits fight with each other.
    The chickens peck on the ground.
    I liked the campfire because it was warm and really
    funny with my friends.
    In the night we was talking to each other and we
    got told off. I really had a good time and want to go again. From Shaquille

  • Mrs Hunter says:

    Thank you to the staff at Ferndale and Edgmond Hall for giving Shaquille and the other children a wonderful experience. Shaquille enjoyed himself fully and has already questioned when he will be attending again!
    He has embraced this opportunity and I am sure will not forget.
    Many thanks once again.

  • Carla Clarke- Liv's mum says:

    Thank you to all the Edgmond staff for making our trip amazing! Thanks to all the school staff for looking after me and my friends. I really enjoyed feeding the goats and rabbits but most of all seeing Santa and having the hot chocolate.
    Thank you from Olivia’s family to all the staff for their hardwork and making it a such a great experience for our girl!

  • Thank you for looking after Freya she really enjoyed herself there she came back very muddy shes very tired and ready for her bed thanks again Deborah Johnson.

  • Erin ceney says:

    Egmend I hav had a lovey time love Erin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Georgia joyce says:

    I only stayed there for one night but I really enjoyed the elf training.Thank you to Mrs Moril for looking after me when I was sick.

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