Year 2 = “Ground Force” here we come!

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Year 2 have begun their garden project.  The class were very busy digging up the weeds from last year and getting the tubs ready for the new seeds.

The children have studied new life in science, this project will help them understand the lifecycle of a plant and give them very useful life skills, as well as developing team work.

The children are going to help water and look after the seeds they have planted and hopefully in the summer enjoy the radishes, strawberries, peas, onions and many more when they have grown.

Watch this space for more developments!!!!!!

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  • Georgia Joyce says:

    I really enjoyed doing the gardening on Monday.
    I liked the growing part, I planted the peas.

  • Georgia Joyce says:

    I hope I eat the yummy ones when they grow
    I am looking forward to when we eat the things we have grown.
    When you told us we were going to plant stuff I got really exited.
    I really wanted to plant coneflower and sweetcorn.
    Thank you to miss Robathan for letting us plant our own grarden of food
    from Georgia xxx

  • Georgia Joyce says:

    Next time I hpe we plant some different things
    Thank you very much to miss Robathan
    From Georgia xxx
    Thank you a lot!!!!

  • I had fun growing peas.Thank you Miss Robothan.

  • Freya enjoyed working outside gardening in the sunshine with her friends and teachers. The carrots will be lovely for a sunday dinner with lamb. The carrots were really small. We couldn’t see them because they were seeds in the ground love Freya xxx.

  • Amann says:

    I liked it when we watered the garden.
    Also I liked it when we were digging in the soil.
    I liked the photographs to.
    Also liked when we had to dig the mess out from the soil.

  • Amann says:

    I loved the photo graphs.
    Also liked it when we watered the

  • I hope I get to do more gardening tommoro I think ours will be better than year ones
    Were the best

  • Mollie Smith says:

    I love gardening and wonder what those carrots from last year would taste like in a pie. Thank you Miss Robathan I enjoyed digging up all the smelly weeds and plants. From Mollie

  • Isabelle Mills says:

    I liked it when we weeded the plants! It was fun when we dug up the carrots and the radish’s and threw them in the forest. I hope i get to do more gardening soon and ours will be the best . I really liked watering the plants and i hope they grow. Thank you a lot miss Robathan, from Isabelle xxxx .

  • Lakesha says:

    I loved gardening and digging the soil out to take all the vegetables out also getting dirty

  • Ours will grow better and I bet Mr Rays ones will only have sun flowers but we will have vegtibels to!
    Thank you Miss Robathan xxx
    Love Georgia xxxxx

  • Camron says:

    I like pulling the weeds, I had lots of fun with my friends and would like to do it again.

  • Amara Ahmed says:

    The children were busy gardening but I enjoyed taking the weed’s out.

  • Amara Ahmed says:

    I enjoyed planting in the garden thank you miss Robathan thank you a lot!
    Your the best teacher!!!

  • Georgia says:

    To Miss Robathan
    Thank you for letting
    Us do some gardening
    I really enjoyed it on
    Mondy and the rest
    Of the days. I hope
    They grow and we
    water them write
    We’re going to be
    Better than year 1
    Thank you to Miss
    Robathan and all
    The other staff
    In 2R thank you
    From Georgia

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