lower phase beach party afternoon

By 9th July 2015Uncategorised, Year 1

What a great party we had!           Can you spot the things we got up to?       We were so excited and  noisy even Mrs Robathan had to use a megaphone!!!!!!P1130857 P1130858 P1130859 P1130860 P1130861 P1130862 P1130863 P1130864 P1130865 P1130866 P1130867 P1130868 P1130869 P1130870 P1130871 P1130872 P1130874 P1130875 P1130876 P1130877 P1130878 P1130879 P1130880 P1130881 P1130882 P1130883 P1130884 P1130885 P1130886 P1130887 P1130888 P1130889 P1130890 P1130891 P1130892 P1130893 P1130894 P1130895 P1130896 P1130897 P1130898 P1130899 P1130901 P1130902 P1130903 P1130904 P1130906 P1130907 P1130908 P1130909 P1130910 P1130911 P1130912 P1130913 P1130914 P1130918 P1130919 P1130920 P1130921 P1130923 P1130924 P1130925 P1130926 P1130930

Did you spot Mr Cooper and Mr Brown trying to gate crash  the party too?

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  • Marie says:

    The beach party looks so much fun , what a fun way for everone to end their school year …
    i hope Mr Brown and Mr Cooper did not get any of the childten’s ice cream 🙂

  • Luisa bianco says:

    I had a really fantastic afternoon my favourite part was the face painting thanks.

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