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December 2015

Edgmond Hall 2015 (Video)

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We hope your children all had a fab time at Edgmond Hall and made memories that will stay with them for a long time.

The staff thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your children and were all impressed with how independent children were.

We thought it would be lovely if children left a comment on this post, thanking The Edgmond staff, writing about their favourite part of the experience. This will then be shared with the centre.

We hope you have a great Christmas! See you in the new year.


Enjoy the video!

(Click here to download)

Christmas Party day

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Firstly a big thank you for your support throughout 2015 and a Happy New Year for 2016.  The staff would also like to thank you for the gifts and cards sent to staff.  The children enjoyed their party and games on the Thursday before we broke up for Christmas.  The chocolate game went down a treat.

Christmas Jumper Day

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A great day, with a variety of jumpers worn by both staff and children.  This fit well with our Religious Education lessons and how charities help other people.  Well done to Year 6 for getting into the spirit of things.



Edgmond meets Santa

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Look who we found!!! We were so excited to see him. He told us that he was short of elves this year and was hoping that he could find some last minute helpers. The children informed Santa that they completed elf training yesterday and that they were available on Christmas Eve. We have learned all about Santa’s magical fairy dusts and we’re all working extremely hard to stay on the good list – Mrs. Robathan is finding this rather difficult!


Now it’s time for hot chocolate and a bit of a chill out before bed.


See you all tomorrow.

Edgmond morning activities

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We’ve spent the morning making Christmas decorations and making trails using natural materials. We’ve just eaten lunch and we’re about to go on our festive walk following clues through the woods.

Good morning from Edgmond

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Good morning, we’ve all just had breakfast after an excellent nights sleep. Everyone slept through the night and were now all ready for the day’s activities. There are rumours that we might be getting a special visitor later!!!


Edgmond update

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We enjoyed our night walk not long ago, we even found a secret Santa’s workshop, we were very careful and kept quiet as we didn’t want to risk being put on the naughty list.

Once we came back we had hot chocolate with a biscuit, we’re now all fast asleep (hopefully) in bed. The teachers will be following very very soon!!!

Y2 Edgmond

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We’re here safe and sound! Once we arrived we had a tour, ate lunch, took part in elf training, unpacked and we just had dinner. We’re now about to go on our night walk! I hope we remembered our torches.


Foundation Christmas Raffle

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Big Massive Thank you the Christmas raffle raised £184.

Winning numbers

1st Prize  45             £50.00 Beauty Voucher

2nd Place  210          Wine Gums Package

3rd Prize  215            Candle Package

4th Prize                 Chocolate Package

Thank you to all who donated !!