Y2 Edgmond

By 16th December 2015Uncategorised, Year 2

We’re here safe and sound! Once we arrived we had a tour, ate lunch, took part in elf training, unpacked and we just had dinner. We’re now about to go on our night walk! I hope we remembered our torches.


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  • Emily Wakefield says:

    Wow looks like you’re having lots of fun already! Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to. Sleep tight and lots of love to Joseph from mum, dad and Jakexxx

  • Mrs While says:

    Looks like you are all having a fun time. Enjoy your evening and sleep well. Mrs While

  • Mrs Lloyd says:

    Glad to see Mrs Morrell is keeping well fed she needs to keep her strength up!
    We are missing you all. Enjoy tomorrow, look forward to seeing what you get up to.
    Mrs Lloyd

  • Sarah barker says:

    Hope you have enjoyed your first day Maddison. Good night sweetheart lots of love from mommy, daddy, nanny and Ewan xxx

  • Erin Ceney says:

    Orla looks like you and your friends are having fun dad said he is missing you I hope you all have a lot of fun !!!!!!!!!

  • Judy Jackson says:

    Lovely photos. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Ella I’m looking forward to hearing about all your adventures when you get home on Friday. Love Mummy, Daddy and Amber xxx

  • Ellen Jones says:

    Looks like you’re already having a fab time! Oscar looks happy with his dinner. Food is the way to his heart! We are all missing you but so glad to see your smiling face. Goodnight, sleep tight love you mommy, daddy, Niamh & Leo xxxx

  • Louise Heard says:

    Looks like you all have been very busy on your first day and are having lots of fun. Good night Maddison sweet dreams, lots of love & kisses Mommy, Daddy and the boys. Look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more news tomorrow Xxx

  • Sinead killoch says:

    Looks like your all having lots of fun. Goodnight Shay love u lots and lots love from mommy,daddy,rylan and tommy xxxxxxx

  • Isabelle barker says:

    Hi Poppy, it looks like you are having a lovely time. I’ve been dancing with daddy and he’s rubbish. Have fun tomorrow. night night love Isabelle, mommy, daddy and chewie

  • Helen Bianco says:

    Hope you are having a great time Luisa and enjoying yourself. It’s very quiet here without you, have a great day tomorrow. Lots of love and hugs from Mommy, Daddy and Jackson xxxxxxxx

  • Marie says:

    HI G , Looks like your having the best time , hope you enjoyed you favorite chips ! I hope you didn’t fall asleep on your walk , we all know how you can fall asleep anywhere ! Charlie is lost without somebody to play with ! Love you lots , hope you have the best day tomorrow Love you from Mommy , daddy and cha xx

  • Kate Tyrrell says:

    Wow you all look so happy!!! Miss my Alfie but very glad you’re all having fun. Thank you for the pictures Mr Ray!

  • Renu karra says:

    Thank you for all the pictures Mr Ray. I’m glad you’re all having a great time. We miss you loads Natasha, Jess keeps asking to pick you up from school. Sleep well tashi, love you to the moon and back. Love mommy daddy and jessi mess. Xx

  • Melissa says:

    The pics r brill lovely to see u smiling and having a fab time Dylan. Have a great day tomorrow can’t wait to c more photos love u so much from mommy,Andy and Sophie we send u hugs and kisses sleep well Tonyt ??

  • Auntie Sarah says:

    Hi Rayne drops and Lil G

    Hope you girlies actually got some sleep and didn’t spend all night talking….it looks like you are having fun….Who’s gona give me a big hug this morning??

    Enjoy your holiday away from mom and dad and make sure you tell me EVERYTHING when you get back.

    Much love to you both

    Auntie Sarah. XxxxxxxX

  • Charlie Swinnerton says:

    Hey Georgia looks like you and Rayne are having a great time ! Cant wait for you to tell me all about it at home enjoy your stay

  • Sara, Dave and Boys says:

    Hi Kieran hope you are having a great time, looks like you are. Enjoy the rest of the trip and see you on Friday. Love from mom, dad and boys xx

  • Dai'Shaya says:

    Home you had a good time

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