Edgmond meets Santa

By 17th December 2015Uncategorised, Year 2

Look who we found!!! We were so excited to see him. He told us that he was short of elves this year and was hoping that he could find some last minute helpers. The children informed Santa that they completed elf training yesterday and that they were available on Christmas Eve. We have learned all about Santa’s magical fairy dusts and we’re all working extremely hard to stay on the good list – Mrs. Robathan is finding this rather difficult!


Now it’s time for hot chocolate and a bit of a chill out before bed.


See you all tomorrow.

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  • Emily Wakefield says:

    Wow Joseph what a lovely time you’re having can’t wait to hear all about Father Christmas! We’re all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Jake says good night. We’ll all be there waiting for you tomorrow. Sleep tight love you from mum, dad and jakexxx

  • Natalie says:

    Hello poppy
    It looks like your having a wonderful time. I can see that your little tooth has come out. I hope you asked Santa for two front teeth. Love you and miss you bunny, can’t wait to see you tomorrow love mommy, daddy, Isabelle and chewie xx

  • Ellen Jones says:

    Oscar how exciting to see Santa 1 week before his big day and on mommy & daddy’s 10 year anniversary! We are missing you but we’re so pleased you are having such a wonderful time. We are sending you a big hug and kiss all the way from Dublin we’ll see you tomorrow night big hugs mommy & daddy xXxX ???

  • Sarah barker says:

    Well it looks like you are having lots of fun Maddison.
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about you trip.
    Good night sweetheart we love you lots mommy,daddy, nanny and Ewan xxxx

  • Marie says:

    HI G x Soooo lovely to see you looking so happy .. x Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear about your adventures Love Mommy daddy and Charlie x
    Thanks for the updates Mr Ray.. makes it so much easier when you can see how much fun they are having 🙂 xx

  • Kerry Ceney says:

    Hello Orla,
    You look like your having a fab time. Enjoyed looking at the pics. The house is very quiet without you. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Love Mom, Dad and Erin x
    Ps. Erin said she’s missing you

  • Melissa says:

    Wow how exciting I bet you have loved seeing Santa Dylan ?? Enjoy your last nyt with all your friends, can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow,me and Sophie will be waiting for you. Love u hugs and kisses coming your way xxxxx

  • Louise Heard says:

    Looks like you have had another exciting day Maddison meeting Santa. Missing you lots sweetheart, sleep tight and we will see you tomorrow. Fenton wasn’t happy this morning when he went to eat the chocolate out of your advent calendar and found that you had already eaten it. Lots of love and kisses, Mom, Dad and the smelly boys Xxx

  • Sinead killoch says:

    My happy little boy meeting Santa. Hope your having the best time. We all miss you lots and the house is very very quiet without you here. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow lots of love and kisses mommy, daddy , rylan and tommy xxxxx

  • Kavita says:

    Hello natasha!
    Looks like you are having a great time meeting Santa! Missing you lots and can’t wait to see you tomorrow, enjoy your hot chocolate!
    Lots of love auntie kavita xxxx

  • Judy Jackson says:

    What lovely photos. Well done Mr Ray. Ella glad to see you are enjoying yourself. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you lots Mummy, Daddy and Amber xxxxxxx

  • Alisha says:

    Hi Amayah,
    Missing you loads & loads!
    It looks like you are having a fantastic time. You look so happy & content. Enjoy your night & I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Can’t wait to see that smile again.
    Pharrell keeps saying “where’s May May gone?”. Haha.
    Kisses & hugs,
    Mom, dad & Pharrell.

  • Barbara Moloney says:

    It looks like you’re all having an amazing time!
    Wow all this elf training and seeing Santa, you’ll be such experts now!
    Enjoy the last part of your Fabulous trip! And hope you’ve gotten some sleep! Thanks to all!
    See you tomorrow Leo, looking forward to it… lots of love xxxx

  • Charlie swinnerton says:

    AAAA You met Santa Claus hope your going to share that present of yours cant wait to see you xxxx I missed you lots and I hope you’ve got Santa Clauses autograph haha enjoy your last day

  • Sunita Klair says:

    Hi Eisha,

    It looks like you are having a great time, can’t wait to see you today. Thank you Mr Ray for keeping us updated.

    Missing you so much Eisha.

    Lots of love mummy, daddy and D xxxx

  • farrah dorkins says:

    hi Georgia looks like you are having a great time can’t wait to see you bye for now !!!!!

  • Georgia Joyce says:

    hi, when I came to edgemond last year it was so fun it looks like your having as much fun as we did

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