Good morning from Edgmond

By 17th December 2015Uncategorised, Year 2

Good morning, we’ve all just had breakfast after an excellent nights sleep. Everyone slept through the night and were now all ready for the day’s activities. There are rumours that we might be getting a special visitor later!!!


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  • Ebony says:

    Good morning!
    Please tell Ashton a big hello and we are missing him at home and all his noise!
    Daddy is missing him lots too.
    Tell him I hope he is going straight to sleep at night so he gets enough rest! He gets grumpy without sleep 🙂
    Lots of love mom, dad and Baby brother

  • Ebony says:

    And also for Ashton :
    Nanny Annette says hello too xxx

  • Emily Wakefield says:

    Glad to hear you’ve all had a good nights sleep. Sounds like there’s lots more fun in store today! We’re all missing you Joseph. Jake said where’s my Joey bear? Love you lots, Mummy Daddy and Jakexx

  • Ellen Jones says:

    Morning everyone hope you all have wonderful day Oscar say “hello” to your special visitor from mommy ? have fun xxxx

  • Amy-Lea and Eudel says:

    Please say hello to Cienna from her mommy and daddy we are missing her lots and lots! We hope she is having a great time!

    We will keep checking for updates to see who the special visitor is….

    Lots of love x

  • Sarah barker says:

    Glad to hear everyone is having a lovely time. We are looking forward to hearing all about your trip maddie. Hope you have a lovely time with your special visitor.
    Missing you very very much my sweetie.
    Lots of love from mommy, daddy,nanny and Ewan xxx

  • jan.lloyd says:

    Nice to see Mrs Morrell once again sitting eating and drinking
    Mrs Lloyd

  • Babita Klair says:

    Sounds like your all having a great time,
    Were all missing Eisha
    Big hugs and kisses Esh

    Love Aunty Babita, Uncle Jin and Aryan x

  • Justine baker says:

    Hi Everyone, glad to hear u are all having a good time and getting plenty of sleep!
    Missing you lots and lots Brogan, the house is very very quiet without you. Hope u are enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to see u tomorrow and hear all about your trip. Love u lots and lots like jelly tots from mommy, daddy and Immy. Xxx

  • Mai Moloney says:

    Hi Leo,hope you had a great day full of activities.I can still remember when I went.I miss you so much.It is quiet without you.
    See you tomorrow.
    Lots of love

  • Christine.wint says:

    Please tell Tacari Nanny Wint said hello and sends lots of kisses xxxxx

  • Tesha Smith says:

    Good Evening Teachers and Staff Memebers

    I appreciate everything you are doing to take care of my baby (Robert) thank you very much. Tell Robert home is not the same without him and we miss him loads, lots of love and kisses xxxxx Mom

  • Grandad says:

    Hello! you tripe hound [Leo},it’s v quiet while you’re not here,your sister is driving us mad though!! tomorrow is last day at school! yahoooooo!!!!!!!! see you when you get back. Now clear off!! from Grandad xxx

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