Hi everyone

We just wanted to give you a quick update on what we have been doing our first two days here at Ingestre Hall! We’re all settled and enjoying the food- especially the desserts!

Yesterday we met our course tutors and got to know what we will do in our Arts Mark Award. We went on a night walk around the grounds with our torches, we tried to find the punching tree but it was a little harder to find in the dark!!

All children were in bed and asleep by 11.30 which was fab! Today we have been in our groups developing ideas and we have shared some of our fantastic work this evening!! We will update again tomorrow with some more of the fun things we have been up to!






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  • Mrs. Swinnerton says:

    Hi Charlie
    looks like your first few days have been action packed fun 🙂 nice to hear your giving the teachers a bit of sleep ha !
    G says hi and sends you a hug xx love mom and dad

  • Debbie (Ethans Mum) says:

    Sounds like your having fun Ethan, cant wait to here all about it when you come home. Love Mum x x

  • Becky (Issy's Mum) says:

    Glad you are all having a good time. Nice to see your picture Issy. Good to hear you are sleeping well and not keeping your teachers up!!! Look forward to hearing more tomorrow. xx

  • Ellen Jones says:

    Evening Niamh sounds like you’re all having a good time. We are all missing you even Oscar! Derek & Dave are both fine enjoy your week we all love you lots. Goodnight sleep tight mommy, daddy, Oscar & Leo. xxxxx ?

  • Carol says:

    Hi kaitie x sooo glad you are having a lovely time with your friends xx dad and joe say hi and send a big kiss. Copper and Sam send you a big sloppy lick haha xx enjoy yourself. Love you, Mom xx

  • claire wain says:

    Hi matthew!! 😀 glad you and your friends are having a good time mommy charlotte and brandon are thinking of you xx see you on friday xxx keep being good for mrs davis xxxlove you lots xxx

  • Mrs kapoor says:

    Sure they are having lots of fun .. Can we have some more pics please .. Ryan just to let you know Keshav Is loving it on your Xbox ?. Lots of love .. Mum & dad x

  • Marie says:

    hi charlie I love you very much and I hope you have had a lovely time at Ingestre because I have missed you very much

    lots of love gg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ermina.A says:

    hi Charlie, Niamh, Naomi and ib
    hope you are all having a great time and lots of fun
    love Ermina

  • Sara says:

    Hi Ellis hope you are having a good time x x can’t wait to see you Friday love Mom dad and boys X X

  • Charlie says:

    Hi Jamie, I hope you are having lots of fun with your friends. We are missing you lots and we can’t wait to see you on Friday! Love from Mum, Dad and Katie xxxx

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