Year 5’s Harry Potter Evening 2016

By 11th February 2016Uncategorised, Year 5

We held our first ever Harry Potter evening, celebrating Harry Potter book night on Wednesday 10th February! We did lots of crafts linked to the books including: making house ties, making magic wands, creating an owl to carry our Hogwarts acceptance letters and making our own Golden Snitch!

We all split into different houses using our very own sorting hat! We then moved around completing each of our magical activities. We even tried Bertie Bott’s every flavour Jelly Beans- luckily ours weren’t earwax flavour!! We were able to watch clips from the film as we moved around the different classrooms and some of us even made up our own spells to cast with our magic wands!

The staff were very impressed with the behaviour and enthusiasm shown by all pupils! The children got a certificate to recognise that they took part in a national event which saw 10,500 celebrations last year. This year we are able to say that we are a part of that number!

There are lots of Harry Potter books for the children to read in Phase 3’s library if the evening has inspired anyone to start reading the series.

Well done year 5 and Happy Wizarding!


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