A final post from Frank Chapman

By 25th February 2016Uncategorised, Year 4

Miss Sykes has been in touch and would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments we’ve received this week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have made memories that will last a lifetime!

Please enjoy the pictures below, we’re all getting ready for hide and seek in the dark! See you all tomorrow.

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  • Mr. Ray says:

    Looking good Y4, loving the pictures, can’t wait to hear all of your stories next week. Enjoy your last night.

  • Rubaba Sayed ( Raiyan Tanvir's mum) says:

    Love all the photos year 4, no photos of Raiyan? Hope he wasn’t sleeping……lol. Enjoy your last night Raiyan. Can’ t wait to receive you tomorrow. Have a very good night, sleep tight and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Love from mummy, daddy and Nehan xxxx

  • Helen (Jackson's Mom) says:

    Great photo’s…looks like year 4 are having a fantastic time. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Jackson…it’s been so quiet without you. Love Mom Dad & Luisa xx

  • Barbara Moloney (Mai's Mum) says:

    What lovely sunny weather to be out in! Looks like lots of fun indeed! It’s been a long week here without you… looking forward to tomorrow afternoon Mai!
    Huge thanks to all the staff for being with the children this week, it couldn’t happen without you!
    It looks like you’re all having a wonderful time away, lots of memories made!
    Thank you all!

  • Carolyn (Callum's mom) says:

    Hi all. It looks and sounds like you’ve all been really busy having lots of fun. Glad the weather was good for you. Hope you children haven’t worn your teachers out or did they wear you out???? It’s been a very long week for us but I bet it’s gone really quickly for you lot. Can’t wait to get you back tomorrow Callum, we’ve missed you loads. Abi wanted to come and meet you off the coach too but she will be at school. Safe journey home and love to you all. xxx

  • Louise Fletcher says:

    To year 4 and Nathan, It’s been great to see all the activities you have got up to. Natey we’ll try not to interrogate you to much when you get home to hear all the details!

    Thank you to the teachers from Ferndale, and staff at Frank Chapman, for creating memories with them.

    See you all later.

    Love mom and dad X

  • Eve Richards says:

    Good morning Reah and year 4. Hope you enjoy your last day today cant wait to see you to hear all about it. See you later baby, To all the teachers thank you for taking care of my baby love to you all. Mrs Richards Xx

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