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February 2016

Y4 Gingerbread Man Madness!

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During English, children received a video file containing a very special message from the Gingerbread Man. The traditional story we knew, which ended up with the Gingerbread Man being eaten by the fox, was a lie! In fact the Gingerbread Man managed to escape the fox and was hiding somewhere in our school!

Children had to follow the clues to help rescue him. Unfortunately, we found the Gingerbread man, well pieces of him! This week, we’re going to write a newspaper article reporting the REAL story!

Check out the video and pictures below…



Chinese New Year

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During Disney time last week, we have had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year. We have looked at where China is on a map of the world and we talked about how and why some people celebrate Chinese New Year. The children have enjoyed tasting Chinese food and have practised using chop sticks. They have also dressed up as a dragon together and performed a dragon dance to the music. As well as this, children had the opportunity to create their own dragons using a variety of materials. We hope the children come home and tell you all about what they have learnt!

Y1- Topic lessons

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Year 1 have been learning all about different materials during their Topic lessons.

The children have been exploring different materials and thinking of words to describe what they look and feel like. They have also had a go at weaving using card and fabric.

This week the children have been learning all about waterproof materials. They were given a variety of materials such as plastic, fabric, paper towel, tissue paper and foil. The children made predictions and then worked as a group to test which of these materials were waterproof. They worked very hard to make sure that their experiment was fair.

The children will be performing a special assembly this week for parents on Thursday 11th February at 2pm. This assembly will celebrate some of the work that the children have been doing this term during Topic lessons. We hope that you can join us!