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March 2016

The Victorian Seaside in 2L

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Year 2 have been learning about seaside holidays in the past. We have looked at what a seaside holiday would have been like 100 years ago. We enjoyed learning about the pier and its attractions…..the flea circus,the moving picture shows,the fortune tellers and of course the risque peep show! ¬†The Victorians liked to have their photograph taken at the seaside but they were very different from our holiday snaps today. They had to keep very still and always looked very serious,there was no smiling. We tried to re create some Victorian holiday photos but as you see some of us found it hard to keep a straight face ….didn’t we Elle?

Y4 Angles work

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Last week we were looking at angles and rotation. Children designed their own map and planned a route using acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. Although the angles in children’s work isn’t accurate, children were able to use their knowledge to estimate the size of the angle, knowing that a right angle is 90 degrees, therefore an angle half the size of a right angle, would be 45 degrees. Well done Y4!