A huge well done to all the children/parents/staff members that joined in today’s sports relief mile! We all had great fun running around the school grounds raising money for charity. We will let you know how much we raised next week. A big thanks to Mrs. Ives for organising the event.

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  • Georgia Joyce says:

    Today was so fun. After we ran the mile I completely ran out of breath. My little sister joined in and so did My Mom. On the last one me and my friends sprinted. How much did we donate? Lots I think.

  • Kevin Bokarevs says:

    it was so fun doing about 7 laps we should’ve done 5 but I did 2 more.

  • Kiera Mattu says:

    I had great fun running a mile round the school.Although Mr Ray kind of beat me

  • Mrs Lloyd says:

    Just noticed Mr Ray wearing headband!!!!!. Very trendy. How he has gone upmarket since moving to the juniors.
    Mrs Lloyd

  • Edie says:

    I nearly collapsed after the mile. Lucie Gorman had to catch me !!!!!!!!!

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