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November 2016

Visit to Bethlehem

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Year 1 had a fantastic time this morning going on a very special journey to Bethlehem. They met the kings and a modern day camel …………….(limo.) They met shepherds carrying their sheep and then had to register and pay their taxes to get into Bethlehem. Once there they met Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

A great morning!
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The Three Kings  The Wise MenRegistering for the census  dscn3707




Remembrance Day

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We spent Friday 11th, learning about Armistice day. We used the cbeebies poppies video, to help us understand what we were learning about. The little rabbit family really helped us to empathise with those living during that time. The children were gripped by the video and it was very emotive to hear them commenting on what they were seeing. We learned some new facts and discussed why we mark this day, every year.

We made some artwork based on the poppy and a little note to express that, we remember why, Armistice day is an important, British tradition.


Mrs O’Connor and the year 1 team.

Bonfire night in the imagination studio!

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Year 1 had a brilliant time, with our own personal fireworks display in our very own imagination studio. The room was in darkness. The walls were lit with a beautiful scene of a busy city, full of high rise buildings, with a pitch black sky.

We had our Bonfire Safety talk in there, in preparation for the 5th November celebrations. After our safety talk, the children used the interactive walls and the pad on the floor to make fireworks appear and bang all over the walls and floor. It really was amazing. You should have heard the giggles!

After that we returned to the classroom to learn about why bonfire night is a British tradition and complete some bonfire night activities. What a great learning experience.

Mrs O’Connor and the year 1 team.