We currently offer a 15 hour AM, PM or 30 hour places (subject to availability). If you wish to apply for a Nursery place you can contact the school office who will send you the relevant information and forms. The priorities used are the same as those listed below for a Reception place. Please see the EYFS section of our website, selecting the ‘our offer’ tab for further information.


Admissions priorities for places in oversubscribed community and controlled primary schools – academic year 2023/2024

  1. Children who are in public care and children who were previously in public care but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangement order or special guardianship order).
  2. Children with a particular medical condition. Applications submitted under this criterion must be accompanied by a medical declaration form (ASU75M) signed by the child’s general practitioner or consultant confirming the condition, detailing the child’s needs and specifying why, in their opinion, the preferred school is the only or most appropriate to meet the child’s needs. All applications under this criterion will be assessed by the local authority to decide whether the child’s need’s can be met most appropriately by the preferred school.
  3. Children having a brother or sister at the preferred school (not nursery) at the time of admission.
  4. Children prioritised by distance measured in a straight line from a child’s home to the center point of the school site.

In all cases, should the number of applicants exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated on the based on the distance between home and school, as measured in a straight line from home to the center point of the school site with priority being given to those living closest to the school. NB. Children with a Statement of Educational Needs or a Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP) (previously known as Statement of Educational Needs), naming a particular school will be admitted before all other applicants.

All applications for Reception to Year 6 need to be completed online via your local council’s school admission website page.

Applying for a secondary school:

Application process is now open and closes 31 October 2023
(You can only apply if your child’s date of birth falls between 01/09/2012 and 31/08/2013)

Applying for a reception place school:

Application process is now open and closes 15 January 2024
(You can only apply for Reception if your child’s date of birth falls between 01/09/2019 and 31/08/2020

If you wish to appeal a school place use the link below:

Changing schools in the middle of the year

Mid-year applications are when you apply to transfer your child from one primary school to another primary school or from one secondary school to another secondary school during the school year.

If you wish to apply for a Sandwell school during the course of the school year, please download the relevant form from the Sandwell Admissions website using the link below and follow the instructions on the form.


For any further information on school admissions, appealing a school place or mid-year transfers use the following link: