Assessments at Ferndale Primary School

Teachers assess the children in their classes all the time, through ongoing observation, questioning and by marking their books. This allows them to see exactly where each individual child is on their learning journey. This is called Assessment for Learning and will inform the teacher about any misconceptions the child may have, if they need any additional support or if it is time to move them on.

There are times during the school year that more formal assessment need to be made. These are reported on the school assessment system and are discussed during pupil progress meetings which are held each term. These results allow us to compare classes, groups and individual children to each other and the National Expectation, if there are gaps we then plan for interventions and support. We also ensure that we are doing all we can to ensure children at least meet their personal targets each year, if not exceed it!

The following links explain more about when Statutory testing will take place and also

how our school assessment ‘point’ system works, now that levels are a thing of the past.

Statutory Assessments (The ones we have to do)

School Assessment System