Text-led Learning – Our Approach to The Curriculum

We link our termly themes to a text, or range of texts in Key stage 1. This allows for a smooth transfer of skills from English lessons, where children will learn about text structure, audience, grammar, spelling and develop their reading comprehension, into their afternoon Irresistible Learning sessions. This gives learning a real meaning and a hook to engage the children into the topic.

Classrooms are set up to reflect the topic being taught: displays, role play areas and resources, such as books and artifacts are used. Topics are planned termly based on the children’s previous experience and skills, the expectations of the National Curriculum and around the questions the children have asked about the theme.

Use the links below to find additional information about our curriculum such as (the national curriculum) and long term topic plans for each year groups.

Further information about our curriculum can be obtained from staff.

Click here to view the national curriculum

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