Our Offer

At Ferndale Primary School, children can, subject to availability, start nursery in the term
after their 3rd birthday. Places for September intake are offered the February before and, if
spaces are available, places for the January intake are offered in the October before.

AM SESSION= 8:30am-11:30am (3 hrs per day, 5 days per week)
PM SESSION= 12.00pm-3:00pm (3 hrs per day, 5 days per week)
30 HOURS PROVISION*=8:30am-2:30pm (6 hrs per day, 5 days per week. No additional
*The 30hr provision is only available when a unique eligibility code is provided by the
government. Further details about 30-hour provision and eligibility can be found using the links
In order to access the 30-hour funding in September, the code MUST be applied for and provided
by 31st August and the child has to be three on/before this date. Following this, it is parental
responsibility to re-confirm eligibility when the reminder from the government website is
received. Failure to do so will result in funding not being provided for your child’s place meaning
the offer will be withdrawn.
Children accessing the 30hr provision are required to bring lunch daily. This can either be a packed
lunch from home or a pre-ordered meal from our caterers, Dolce, at a cost of £2.67 per day.
For anyone accessing the 30 hr provision, we will also be offering the option of wrap-around care,
where children can extend their stay from 2:30pm-3:00pm, at a cost of £2.50 per day.
Further details about 30-hour provision and eligibility can be found using the links below:
Due to staffing ratios, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 24 children for 30 hour
You can register your interest in a place at our nursery at any time-application forms can be
collected from the school office or you can contact us using the following email address:
(Please be aware that having a place in a nursery class attached to a school does not
improve your chances of getting a place in the Reception class at that school. Applications
for Reception school places must be completed using your local authority’s form.). For
information on Sandwell school admissions use the link below: