Special Educational Needs

Ferndale and Children with Special Educational Needs

The school complies with the Code of Practice (2014), in which the Department for Education outlines the responsibilities of the Local Education Authority and the school for children with special educational needs. Ferndale has a Local Authority funded focus provision for children on the Autistic Spectrum or with Complex Learning Needs.

Each child’s progress is monitored carefully and programmes of work or behavioural support are prepared to meet the needs of individual children. Parents are involved in regular discussions regarding the support and together a positive attitude is fostered within the classroom.

Help and advice is available from the designated teacher for Special Needs (SENCO) or the Inclusion Manager and also the Sandwell Advisory and Support Service.

The school has a wide range of resources that are available for staff use. These resources enable support to be given to individual children within the classroom situation.

Last year the school fully met the expectation of the Governors regarding Special Needs and continues to be a Local Authority funded focus Provision School.

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