Solar eclipse

By 20th March 2015Uncategorised, Year 1

In year one, we had a special assembly about the eclipse and we talked about how to stay safe.


when we went back to our classrooms, we observed the eclipse by piercing a piece of paper and allowing the sun to shine on a piece of paper.



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  • David Pagett says:

    Well done, this is very informative for the children measuring safety against scientific learning.

    • Marie says:

      My daughter explained all about the eclipse to us all at home tonight , what is was, when the next eclipse would be. Thank you Mr Ray, must have been a fun lesson 🙂

      • Mrs Petrie says:

        Wow – I loved the pictures – my husband was impressed and wished he could have been in your lesson. We watched live on the BBC news – with the lights off to get the effect of how the light was changing. Well done year 1. The science coordinator should be impressed too!

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