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  • Pinkie says:


    It’s santa you have been a very good boy camron

    Love mummy x x

  • Dipa Patel says:

    Looks like you have all had a great day today!

    Can’t wait to hear all your stories tomorrow Rahul 🙂 Wow Santa was your special visitor!! Hope he got you the only thing on your list?!!!

    Get a good night’s sleep all and see you tomorrow 🙂

  • Angelina Dawson says:

    Father Christmas!…you lucky children! You must have all been very good. Can’t wait to hear all about it, especially your night walk, how exciting!

    Hope everyone sleeps well. Ni night Benjamini, Love you x

  • Jasmine priest says:

    I hope you enjoyed seeing santa keira and remembered your manners?! Goodnight princess, we all cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about your adventures! Love mommy, daddy, libby-mai and riley xxx

  • Matt Smith says:

    Caitlin it looks like your having great fun and seeing santa as well. I hope you have eaten all your sweets or they are mine tomorrow. Love you loads daddy xx p.s having seen the photo of you and your new friends I’m going to get you a chicken!!!!

  • Mrs While says:

    I see Santa came. How wonderful! I wish I had waited to see him too. Sleep well everyone and we will see you all tomorrow.
    Mrs While

  • Hayley Chamberlain says:

    Night night everyone.

    I’m sure u must have all been so good to have had such a special visit! Enjoy ur final night-please sleep-sweet dreams!

    Emilia’s mommy xxx

  • Aamir Ali says:

    Hi Lakesha,

    Looks like you met Santa before me this year cutey : – )

    I hope you was a good little helper for Santa and enjoying your time with your friends : -)

    Looking forward to hear about your adventures .. just wanted to give you a kiss and a hug before you went to sleep from your daddy : )

    Sorry its a bit late cutey as your probably fast sleep now but cant wait to see you tomorrow.

    Mummy and especially Ermina is missing you lots.

    Love Daddy X

  • Sarah Bennett says:

    Looks like u had a great day today and to top.it all off a visit from Santa?! Amazing!! Sleep well love u loads.
    Love Mummy xxxx


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