English Curriculum


We begin teaching reading and writing through a programme of systematic, synthetic phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme. We use assessment to adapt our teaching to match the emerging needs of early readers and writings.

Letters and sounds – DfE Information


At Ferndale, we want to foster a lifelong love of reading. Carefully selected texts including stories, poems and non-fiction are shared with children to develop vocabulary, language comprehension and most importantly, a love of reading. Our reading spine incorporates books which deal with real life issues, have differing main characters or which reinforce the curriculum studied.


At Ferndale we want to engage and support children in becoming capable and adventurous writers. We want children to be exposed to a variety of different genres and stimuli to support them in becoming confident in writing for a range of genres. Our writing journey, supported by the lenses of the ‘Writing Rainbow’ support both confident and less confident children in their ideas of writing, the grammar of their writing and the features of writing which engage our audiences.